I decided to create this blog because food has always been my passion. My love for cooking began at an early age with baking and just grew from there. Being Southern has been a large part of that because Southerners love to cook and feed people. My grandmother was a big influence along with my mother. My grandma would always send you home with something fresh baked or canned when you left her house. I learned a lot of tricks of the kitchen from her along with how to bake bread and make applesauce from scratch.

My mother gets credit for being willing to let me loose in the kitchen when I still needed a step stool to reach the counters. There were many failures in those years, but the successes kept me going. Plus most people like baked goods so I had a willing audience. By the time I reached high school, my friends would beg me to make them brownies when they were over visiting. Well, or anything sweet, but brownies were one thing I perfected early. Back then I used a box mix and just tweaked it, but nowadays I have a killer scratch recipe.

Me at counter

Once I got out on my own, I learned how to expand my cooking skills. I’d been helping my mom in the kitchen for years by then. The hard part was learning to downscale from feeding a family of four with teenagers to feeding just myself. It took time, but now I am very good at keeping portion sizes right for the amount of mouths to feed. Though my dogs always love it when I have too many leftovers because they usually benefit from this!

In recent years, I’ve become a Food Network & Cooking Channel addict that has kept me learning. I’ve also educated myself on what’s available locally along with how to find organic food at a reasonable price. I live in Winter Park, FL where the gastronomic scene has really blown up in recent years. We have restaurants that are featuring locally grown items on their menus. I try to do this myself by shopping locally and going to our many farmers markets. The lovely thing about Florida is that we have fresh fruits and vegetables year round. It definitely pays to be seasonal with them though just for your budget’s sake.

And that is one of the things I will be focusing on here is how to cook well on a budget. It just takes some planning along with sneaking in some splurges to really have a delicious meal without breaking the bank. I’m also trying to be calorie conscious cause getting over 40 makes you much more aware about what you are eating. I will be taking old family recipes and updating them along with making some comfort foods healthier. This will definitely be a work in progress as I discover what this blog really is going to be.

Finally, I have some food allergy issues that impact my cooking along with having been diagnosed with acid reflux. This has strongly affected my menu items. Through the help of an amazing nutritionist, I’ve gotten healthier and able to add more things back in to my diet, but I still don’t eat red meat & rarely have pork. Hopefully this won’t discourage folks to follow my blog & potentially it might help some struggling with similar issues.


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